Roshan = Bright

Roshan Learning Center is a community-driven and managed program serving Afghan, Iranian and other asylum seekers and refugees living in Jakarta, Indonesia. We offer learning experiences for children, teens and adults in English, Bahasa Indonesia and Farsi. We cultivate a caring community of learners in which all members respect, value, and encourage each other. With the help of donors and an unpaid community of volunteers we are opening doors to brighter futures together.

Afghan Refugee Learning Center


A Safe Learning Environment 

Being safe is a physical and emotional comfort that takes on special importance for families who have given up everything in order to find safety.  We believe every child has the right to special protection, freedom from degradation or exploitation, and access to education — yet these are not taken for granted by any family seeking asylum.

At Roshan Learning Center we have created a safe space to learn that is warm, colorful and protected.  Children can come here with open minds and open hearts, knowing they have nothing to fear and a lot to learn.


A Supportive Community

Early childhood specialists have long placed relationships at the heart of a successful learning experience. This is why at Roshan children, teens and parents are invited to be part of a community where participants look out for one another, share each other's burdens and celebrate each other's accomplishments.

We make it our goal to meet students exactly where they are regardless of previous education or personal experiences. At Roshan, no one is alone and everyone is part of something special. 


An Opportunity to Grow

At Roshan, students rediscover what it means to believe in themselves. Our students tend to be highly motivated to learn and succeed, and we give them instrumental opportunities to gain skills and recognition, including the internationally recognized Cambridge exams. Study topics include English, Bahasa Indonesia, mathematics, chemistry, biology, robotics and IT.  

Many of our most motivated students are living in Jakarta without a family — we are their family. 


Recognized by UNHCR

On World Refugee Day 2016, the staff and students at Roshan Learning Center were honored to receive an Award of Recognition from the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees.