Volunteers from within the refugee community, the foreign nationals community, and Indonesians teach classes in core academic content areas (language and literacy, math, and science) along with other essential learning domains such as computer use, arts and sports. Almost all of the teachers are unpaid volunteers who provide their time and talents purely as their gift to the community.

How will you contribute?

Whether it’s in a middle school girls’ shy yet proud smile after receiving a top-effort award, or a preschooler’s glee at running on the grass, or an aha-moment after a high school student grasps a new rule of the English language, the rewards for making a contribution are amazing – as well as deeply humbling and inspirational. We invite you to join our community, whether through prayers, writing encouraging messages to the families, volunteering as a teacher, or making financial donations. Even the smallest contribution goes a long way!

With 150 students and a waiting list of refugees wanting to join the learning center, we are always in need of good team members to use their unique skills and talents to empower others. We need teachers and facilitators for the classes, but also IT people, photographers, fundraisers and others in order to keep this initiative going. If you are interested, please check out our list of positions available, both paid and volunteer.

Please see our donation page to donate online, or contact us if you have questions about making a donation. We work hard to make good use of all funds provided for the learning center and to provide transparency in our use of funds. Donors are given a receipt for their donation along with being included in our donor report in which we give a full financial report including planning and expenses. If you are considering an in-kind donation, please email us at donations@roshanlearning.org.

In addition to our individual volunteers, Roshan Learning Center would not be possible without the support of faith-based organizations and businesses interested in partnering to build a brighter future for refugees. Behind each of these groups there is always an individual who champions our cause. Please contact us so we can support you with information and materials to advocate for refugees.