Cycling Around Taiwan for Roshan

Inspired by Scott Thompson’s BecakTerus, Tiffany Lee, a senior at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), challenged herself do something meaningful for others during her winter break. Along with Tejas Widjonarko, Alvin Roh, and Riwa Tamai, she decided to cycle one lap around Taiwan in aid of Roshan Learning Center.

Their Cycling for Charity – Roshan website invited us into their journey on the pedals as Tejas updated their blog with photos and videos taken during the trip.

Cycling for roshan.jpg

The day after Christmas, the group set foot in Hsinchu where their cycling starting point was. From Taiwan’s infrastructure and architecture to evidence of strenuous biking to Taiwanese mochi desserts, the group shared their honest thoughts and stories about cruising on two-wheelers for 100 kilometers each day for 9 days. To motivate themselves during the uphill ride, Riwa reminded herself of her cross country runners’ mentality while Tiffany sang a Chinese song and talked to herself so she wouldn’t give up.

“Over the past 9 days, I have learnt to reflect on my place in the world and to stay resilient even when the task got challenging,” wrote Tiffany at the end of the trip. Long distances, challenging terrains, and stormy weather didn’t let them lose their sense of humour and purpose — why they decided to take on this journey.

Since October 2015, Tiffany has been volunteering on Saturday mornings with the JIS GIN (Global Issue Network) Club. Her soft heart and her passion for service prompted her to further support Roshan Learning Center.

As of today, Cycling for Charity has raised approximately one hundred million Indonesian rupiah for Roshan Learning Center. The funds will be used to pay for each participant who makes progress to sit an official Cambridge English exam which comes with an internationally-recognised certificate if they pass.

Their cycling trip was momentary, but their service is enduring.