RLC Honored to Be Recognized On World Refugee Day 2016

On June 20, World Refugee Day, staff and students at Roshan Learning Center were honored to receive an Award of Recognition from UNHCR at a moving ceremony and the lively celebrations that followed. We are delighted to be in the good company of other refugee-service providers in Indonesia being recognized: Dompet Dhuafa, KomnasHAM, Palang Merah Indonesia, and SUAKA. It's our privilege to work with asylum seekers and ... Read More

Cycling Around Taiwan for Roshan

Inspired by Scott Thompson’s BecakTerus, Tiffany Lee, a senior at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), challenged herself do something meaningful for others during her winter break. Along with Tejas Widjonarko, Alvin Roh, and Riwa Tamai, she decided to cycle one lap around Taiwan in aid of Roshan Learning Center. Their Cycling for Charity - Roshan website invited us into their journey on the pedals as Tejas updated their ... Read More

“I Can’t Believe You Feel Lucky”

One of my dearest childhood friends, Kevin, was diagnosed on October 23 with stage IV glioblastoma: brain cancer. This is a man who got a PhD from Duke University and became faculty at Cornell, Princeton, and the University of Pittsburgh. But more importantly to me, this is the almost-brother with whom I played at the beach every Sunday, walked dogs, pulled Christmas crackers, and goaded into dancing with my father in a ... Read More

How to Respond When the Lights Go Out in Paris

A woman hung outside the third story window of Bataclan Theater, one of the targets of this weekend’s horror show in Paris.  At the exit door on the ground floor below her, people fled, stepping over debris and the injured.  People screamed and cried as they ran.  One man dragged an injured person up the dark street to safety.  The woman continued hanging outside the window. It is hard not to watch video footage of the ... Read More

Why on Earth are there Refugees in Indonesia?

There are thousands of expats who come to Jakarta each year to help the vulnerable, the down-trodden, the “least of these.” We come with hopes of lifting people out of poverty and improving health, education and livelihoods for the poor. But of course, we usually come to help the Indonesian poor, of which there are many. Indonesia’s growing economic strength belies a deep and broad population living in poverty. Therefore, ... Read More

Europe’s Migrant Crisis is a Misnomer

I have a little boy, a 6-year-old who likes Spiderman and watches that can go underwater. He has a room full of books and a playroom full of toys and lacks for nothing. We had the privilege this summer of going to Turkey on holiday, from where we took a boat to the island of Kos. Our boat was a large ferry, well constructed, lined with life jackets, and complete with drinks and popcorn for sale on board. When we got to Kos, ... Read More

Raising Awareness through a Health Clinic Day

It was the last day of a week-long summer camp at Roshan Learning Center. Inside the red brick building, children were still listening to the dentist’s explanation of the tooth decay process. Outside, teenagers were discussing their tooth problems with a health professional. Many of them hadn’t seen a dentist for a while—or ever. After his turn to get examined on a portable dental unit, teenager Mujaba (not his real name) ... Read More

World Refugee Day: June 20 Let's all work to bring a little more hope into the world.

BBC reports that the number of displaced people is at an all-time high. There are floods and earthquakes demolishing peoples' homes, but that's not the real problem, in spite of the deep suffering natural disasters cause. The real problems are human made. People are fleeing the persecution that follows the features of their face, as in the case of Hazara peoples in Afghanistan, or the beliefs they hold about the shape of a ... Read More

Our website is now live

After more than 6 months of operating, the Roshan Learning Center finally has an official website. Our leadership team is excited to be able to more clearly articulate what we are all about and we hope this is helpful for volunteers and donors as we are quickly expanding the services we offer to the refugees that participate in this initiative. A few quick words about the technology that powers our website… this site is ... Read More