What a Coin is Worth

Mahmud* was counting his hard-earned gold-covered coins at a toy booth at "Roshan Market," a makeshift flea market that our teachers created for primary students. He saw a flashy toy he wanted to purchase with those coins. At another booth, three girls were competing to get the one and only Barbie doll available at the market. As the term’s end approaches, the level of activity and excitement in our community heightens. Our ... Read More

Education is Worth Fighting For, for Indonesians and Refugees

On a sunny day in the attic of a red brick building, two teachers of Roshan Learning Center were ecstatically wrapping gifts of colorful school supplies. At two o’clock in the afternoon, with four crackers hung on a raffia string in the backyard, they were set to start the cracker eating competition for our primary students in light of Indonesian Independence Day. Seventy-one years ago, Indonesia fought for its ... Read More

One Sentence at a Time

Today is the first day of the new term at Roshan Learning Center. In spite of the flurry of activity required to get things ready--scrubbing floor mats, cleaning air conditioning vents, juggling complicated schedules in tightly packed spaces--the excitement of new beginnings is always worth the hard work. With all the focus on logistics, it can be hard to focus on the real reason behind all the work, which is to see student ... Read More

Who is a Refugee?

Last year, more than 1 million people were forced to leave home due to conflict and make the perilous journey to seek refuge in a country not their own in Europe. The influx of refugees, mainly Syrian, to Greece, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere made daily headlines, yet the reality of their lives remained misunderstood. Many news outlets have used the terms ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’ interchangeably; however, the terms have ... Read More

As a Refugee A short documentary by Alice Giraudi

Alice Giraudi, a Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) high school student, made this 7-minute video about what it's like to be a refugee in Jakarta. Having moved many times from country to country while growing up, Alice talks about migration and the present refugee situation featuring one of the very first teenagers in our program. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R55CzleqJY8 ... Read More

Cycling Around Taiwan for Roshan

Inspired by Scott Thompson’s BecakTerus, Tiffany Lee, a senior at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), challenged herself do something meaningful for others during her winter break. Along with Tejas Widjonarko, Alvin Roh, and Riwa Tamai, she decided to cycle one lap around Taiwan in aid of Roshan Learning Center. Their Cycling for Charity - Roshan website invited us into their journey on the pedals as Tejas updated their ... Read More

Raising Awareness through a Health Clinic Day

It was the last day of a week-long summer camp at Roshan Learning Center. Inside the red brick building, children were still listening to the dentist’s explanation of the tooth decay process. Outside, teenagers were discussing their tooth problems with a health professional. Many of them hadn’t seen a dentist for a while—or ever. After his turn to get examined on a portable dental unit, teenager Mujaba (not his real name) ... Read More